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Equipes & Pilotos - Trulli Formula E Team

Team: Trulli Formula E Team

Location: Switzerland

Key Personnel: Jarno Trulli, Co-Founder & Driver
Lucio Cavuto, Team Principal
Francesco Guarnieri, Chairman & CEO

Biography: Jarno Trulli is one of the most experienced drivers in the history of Formula 1, competing in 256 Grand Prix and placing fifth on the all-time entry list. He is also a business entrepreneur in a number of fields including fine Italian wine and real estate. With this business spirit Jarno entered Formula E and faces the biggest challenge of his life driving for a brand new team. He is convinced that bringing his name to the series is an opportunity to show that Formula E is at the forefront of developing future technologies through the challenge of motorsport.

Target: Trulli will begin work on adopting Drayson’s wireless charging technology – which offers the potential to free electric vehicles from the constraints of cable-based charging – with a view to fully implementing it from season two when the championship no longer becomes a one-make series.

Jarno Trulli

Michela Cerruti

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