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Regras & Regulamento - Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The Rules & Regulations for the 2014/2015 Formula E season are still to be finalised by the FIA and subject to change. As such, this section is designed to act as a guide only.
Cameras & onboards
All Formula E cars will be permitted to mount onboard cameras. These will be required in one or more of the following positions: roll hoop, nose cone and driver shot.
Charging of the Formula E cars is not permitted during any practice, qualifying or race session or at any time prior to the completion of post-qualifying or post-race scrutineering. Charging in the pits is only permitted using equipment complying with FIA safety regulations.
Twenty drivers, from 10 teams, will compete in the 2014/2015 FIA Formula E Championship. Two reserve drivers may also be entered per team.
All aspects of the FIA Formula E Championship will be overseen by the FIA. At every race, key officials and scrutineers will monitor and control the stewards and marshals to ensure the smooth and safe running of the event in accordance with FIA regulations.
All drivers, competitors and officials participating in the championship must hold current and valid licences with a minimum requirement of Grade B FIA International driver's licence and a specific FIA 'eLicence'.
Drives will score points using the standard FIA system of: 1st = 25pts, 2nd = 18pts, 3 = 15pts, 4th = 12pts, 5th = 10pts, 6th = 8pts, 7th = 6pts, 8th = 4pts, 9th = 2pts and 10th = 1pt. Three points will be awarded to the driver securing pole position, whilst the driver setting the fastest lap receives two points.
The top three drivers in each race will receive a trophy presented on the podium. Trophies will also be presented to the driver and team champions at the end of the season. All will receive prize money.
Ten teams, each with two drivers, will compete in the 2014/2015 FIA Formula E Championship.
Teams/drivers will receive nine official test days; five pre-season, two in-season and two post-season. Private testing in any way is not permitted. No other running may take place unless for promotional use. Testing will consist of a three-hour morning session and a three-hour afternoon session (these sessions may be divide into sessions to avoid traffic).
All timing for the FIA Formula E Championship will be carried out by Official Timing Partner TAG Heuer.
The Official Tyre Supplier for the FIA Formula E Championship is Michelin. Each driver will be supplied five new front tyres and five new rear tyres per event.  These must last for the entire race event - practice, qualifying and race.

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