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Entrevista - Sharing a cuppa with...Bruno Senna

Bom dia!!

Deixo pra vocês uma entrevista concedida pelo Bruno durante o Evento Goodwood Motor Circuit.
Está um pouquinho atrasado, mas vale a pena ler! =)


Sharing a cuppa with...Bruno 

Bruno Senna dropped in at the Motor Circuit today – and promptly took 20 minutes off from his driving duties to answer our questions. No trouble coming up with those of course for the 29-year-old nephew of the late, great Ayrton Senna and a man who last year turned his back on a Formula One career (he drove for Williams, Renault and HRT) to go sports car racing. In his first season with Aston Martin, Bruno is lying fifth in the GTE class of the World Endurance Championship in his Gulf-liveried Aston Vantage GTE.  

When you left Formula One last year you said you wanted to get back to winning, and with Aston Martin you have done exactly that?
Yes it’s nice to win again. We had a good win at Silverstone, were second at Spa, and at Le Mans we should have won the class – we started on pole and led the race for 19 hours until an accident because of a rain shower. Then we won again in Austin, Texas, a week ago.
Have you always liked Aston Martin?
I don’t think anyone dislikes Aston Martin to be honest. They are beautiful cars. And the race car has made me a convert to GT racing – it’s really good fun, and the car on Michelin tyres is a pleasure to drive because you can really nail the corners. The Aston has very good downforce so you can carry a lot of speed through the corners. With excellent braking stability it's a car you can trust a lot – if you make a small mistake it doesn’t punish you forever.
You have almost always driven for British teams. Any reason for that? 
Well I guess I like it here. And my girlfriend is here. I have to say though I hate the weather. 
How important is winning Le Mans to you?
Everyone wants to win Le Mans and I am no different. But it’s a very tough race and you can’t just go there and expect to win. In 2013 it was a bitter-sweet experience. We didn’t win but definitely deserved to.
What about a drive in an LMP car for outright honours? You’d be racing against Mark Webber in his new Porsche…
Yes that would be fun. Mark has a lot of experience to offer Porsche, and it will be interesting to see what he can achieve. I am still learning about endurance racing but an LMP car is definitely on the cards for the future, not necessarily next year though. Of course as a racer I always want to drive the fastest cars.
What’s the big difference about racing in F1 and sports cars?
There’s a very big difference in driving styles because of the different tyres. The wheels on an F1 car are 13-inch, and the tyre does most of the suspension work. On my Aston they are 18-inch and the car’s suspension does most of the damping so the way you feel the track is very different.
Do you look back on your F1 career and think what if?
There are lots of what ifs in motor racing, not only F1. You are always thinking what if that was different. But if you attach yourself too much to these things you are never happy. You have to deal with what you have at that moment in the best way you can. I would love to be racing in F1 and winning races but it hasn’t happened, so it’s part of life.
Did you think you were going to be F1 world champion when you were starting out?
When I was in GP2 beating very good drivers with twice my experience I was pretty confident I could be champion. But that was naïve of me. In F1 you need to have not just the right car but also the right people supporting you, and the right political support. You need everything going for you. Otherwise you don’t get a real chance, no matter how good you are.
You were good, though – faster than your uncle?
I think that’s debatable. Ayrton was extraordinary, completely outside the curve in many, many ways. He had not only the challenge of being up against great drivers like Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell but he also had the time to develop his career and his talent.
Anyone of his genius in F1 today?
I am sure they are all competent drivers. You could argue they are better or worse but it is impossible to say for sure without putting them in the same car. Fernando Alonso though is definitely a driver today who is outside the curve, and who can extract everything out of a car which was a trait that Ayrton had.
Do you have a favourite Ayrton racing moment?
There are so many of these moments, especially when he was racing the turbo era cars, and doing so a bit outside the sane side of things. He was always driving these difficult to drive cars at their absolute limits.
What do think about driving the Goodwood Motor Circuit?
It’s my first time here today. It is daunting, challenging and very fast and I am still trying to learn the track. It’s not bumpy but not exactly smooth either, and it is easy to be caught out. I have scared myself a few times. You are very rarely below 170 km/h and you would only find out how fast that was if you went on the grass.  The fact that the circuit is the same now as it was years ago tells me how brave drivers were then, just as fast but in cars much less safe than today.
What about some historic racing?
I was invited to drive at the Goodwood Revival this year but had a diary clash so couldn’t make it. It is definitely something I would love to do. I think some drivers get a bit too competitive though.  I have never driven a Ferrari 250 GTO or a Ford GT40; they are quite a lot older than me.
What is your hero car?
The Ford GT40 is such a historic, amazing looking car I would love to drive one. But there are so many others – Astons Martins, Jaguars, Ferraris and Porsches – that were making history in the 1950s and ‘60s. Hopefully there are enough years for me to be able to drive them.

Bruno Senna in 30 seconds...

What was your first car?Audi S3
Did you pass the driving test first time? Yes, but with one mistake: for indicating late
Turbo or normally aspirated?Turbo
Manual or paddleshiftPaddleshift, for racing or road driving
Current road car? Volkswagen Polo GT, in Monaco you don't need a big car
Dream road car? Porsche Carrera GT
Favourite racing circuit?Suzuka in Japan. As narrow as Goodwood but a bit faster
If not a racing driver, what? The question has never arisen. But I am into electronics so maybe something there. I am a bit of geek

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