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Momento Turismo by F-E

Nosso momento Turismo vai ser diferente queridos leitores e leitoras!

No site Oficial da F-E eles disponibilizaram o City Guide sobre a cidade de Putrajaya :) tem como não amar a organização da F-E \o/ \o/ #mynfeliz #happydance

City guide: Putrajaya

On Saturday, the Malaysian city of Putrajaya will host the second ever ePrix. Ahead of the race Formula E takes a look at the city and introduces you to the fresh mix of modern city buildings and idyllic green spaces.

Location and history:

Putrajaya is located around 30km south of Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, and is the federal administrative capital of the country. It also has a twin city just west of Putrajaya called Cyberjaya which was built to attract interest from IT and scientific business.

The Malaysian government started creating the new city in 1993 and the federal capital officially moved to Putrajaya in 1999. The city’s name translates as ‘princes (Putra) success (jaya) but formally takes its name from Tunku Adul Rahman Putra. The city consists of 20 precincts and is home to 68,000 people. Putrajaya is still expanding and the government hopes it will swell to a target of 300,000 inhabitants.

Eco-friendly design:

The city was planned with a top down approach around the concept of “garden cities.” This meant that when planning the city, the government worked to balance the inclusion of green space in the built environment through strong guidelines for land use, transportation systems, public amenities and infrastructure to continuously improve quality of life for its residents and to further reduce its carbon footprint.

As a result of these guidelines, 40 per cent of Putrajaya is reserved for green spaces. These areas are made up of beautiful botanical gardens, parks, wetlands and waterways – the main one being Putrajaya Lake which flows around the cityscape.

One of the best examples of the fusion of urban architecture and nature is the Diamond building which functions as the Energy Commission Headquarters. The building was designed to be very efficient and the structure effectively demonstrates the possible ways to reduce fuel consumption and save water as well as using carefully chosen materials to improve the indoor environment quality. It was also designed to be self-shading and to spread out light across the building whilst still reducing energy use. The design also features greywater recycling and on-site composting to reduce any impact on the surrounding environment.

As one of the main aims of Formula E is to promote sustainable living, Putrajaya is a city that is well versed in that ethos. The city is recognised internationally for it sustainable efforts and it hosted the 8th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (Sustainable City 2013) and the 5th International Conference on Energy & Sustainability 2014.

Things to do:
The first sight to see on any visitor’s list should be the Perdana Putra. This sprawling complex of buildings is the Prime Minister’s office and demonstrates the impressive and innovative architecture of Putrajaya. Another building worth a visit is the Putrajaya International Convention Centre – which is designed to resemble a traditional Malay belt buckle.

Putra Mosque has a capacity of 15,000 worshippers and features a 116m high minaret – the largest in Southeast Asia – and is open for free every day.

The Botanical Gardens are the largest in Malaysia and have been designed as an Arcadia – or national sanctuary – for the Malaysian living collection of plant taxonomy. As such, the garden is also a centre for education and research. The gardens are divided into five different themes: the Explorer's Trail, Palm Hill, Floral Gardens, Sun Garden and the Lakeside.

Another way to enjoy the natural beauty of the city is to take a cruise around Putrajaya Lake and see the unique architecture of the buildings and bridges – many of which feature beautiful decorations.

Shopping and nightlife:

To find the perfect souvenir to bring back from Putrajaya you should head to the Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre - one of the largest in the city – but there's also the Pavilion KL Shopping Mall, Suria KLCC, the Mid Valley Megamall, the Berjaya Times Square or the Petaling Street night market.

For a great night out head into Kuala Lumpur – which is just 30 minutes away by train – where you will find a huge variety of bars and restaurants catering to local and international cuisine. 

Fonte: F-E

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