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Interview Bruno Senna

Em vez de traduzir para o português a entrevista que o Bruno deu a Motorsport-Magazin eu passei para o inglês, peço desculpa novamente, mas não podemos ficar sem a entrevista, rsrsrs

Hopefully, once the right time at right place
by Karin Sturm
Bruno Senna said in an interview with Motorsports-Magazin.com on the final race in Hockenheim and the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix.

Motorsport Magazin.com - What do you expect here in Hungary?

Bruno Senna: The track is a bit different from Hockenheim, as most tend to be medium-speed corners, there are few really slow, but very few really fast. This corresponds roughly to the last sector in Hockenheim - and since we were pretty competitive. So we should be here. However, the surface is different, the temperatures will be different. But what could be similar, is that it - but this time, especially for Sunday - represents a not insignificant chance of rain. This could also then be the usual lottery.
What can you do against unlucky lottery?

Bruno Senna (laughs): necromancy or any Macumba rituals, perhaps? No, seriously, a lot can not do that. One can only try to be prepared, as best as possible, and in every area, especially during setup. The last time in qualifying at Hockenheim was just this little detail with the rear brake temperature, which has caught us in the truest sense of the word cold, it has not enabled us to bring the tires up to temperature. On Friday we were right under the same conditions quickly. It depends just as much from them, at the right time and right place to be - and I can only hope that we succeed this time. It would be nice, here's a problem to have a good weekend, qualifying and the race will take a couple of points. Then I could really relaxed going into the break ...
You've wished for a bit of fine tuning in the damper and suspension, there's has been what?

Bruno Senna: Yes, we have made some simulations to see what parts of our here we can best use. These are not new developments, it's all about what we have to make optimum use.
You are here last year for the first time in the morning drove the Renault - the experience will help a bit?

Bruno Senna: We'll see tomorrow afternoon, but I do think that I remember the first time around, because I do have a more current reference value, to improve in a car. So far everything came in 2010 with the HRT. And at Spa, and on the routes on which I'm really down last year, which is certainly more to come into play.
Toto Wolff has now got a more important role in Williams - changed something for the team - and for yourself for the future because Valtteri Bottas is his protege, yes?

Bruno Senna: Well, first I think it is very good for the team that someone resuming the position as full-time job carries and Frank [Williams] is there to help. And what about the other terms: One can of course never know one hundred percent what happens. But if I'm doing a good job, then I have no reason to make me worry about it.
On the weekend starts at Olympia, what are you looking at you?

Bruno Senna: As much as possible, I'm a real sports fan. If possible, the whole track, which I find very interesting, swimming and cycling and triathlon, of course ... So the things I am doing well even I can well. But I also the Brazilian national soccer team will closely monitor the volleyball I'm also interested ...
Do you know some of the Brazilian athletes in person?

Bruno Senna: Hardly anyone, for our top sailors Robert Scheidt, a multiple gold medal winners ...

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